N Good Health Success Story Spotlight:  Michelle Rose

N Good Health Success Story Spotlight: Michelle Rose

N Good Health is designed to help you improve or maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle. Over the past several years, employees from all over the organization have used the program to help make their health a priority. These individuals come from various backgrounds and stages in their wellness journeys, but the N Good Health team is always in awe of the dedication they show.  Recently, we received an email with an awesome story and we are so excited to share with you today.

In Jan 2019, I finally scheduled my first haircut in years. When I sat in the chair, I was confronted with a full-length mirror. The image was not flattering (at all); belly-rolls after belly-rolls were visible through my three T-shirts. The haircut was fab, but my almost happy state of fat denial was over. I sulked around for about a week trying to figure out how I gained so much weight; 23 pounds over 4 years. The following Sunday, I joined Weight Watchers** with zero expectations/ I figured I would NEVER lose the weight. By 1 June 2019, I reached my goal weight.

Then I started drinking beer and eating bread and cheese again. Moving into fall, I regained about 7 lbs. 

In December 2019, I said enough. I didn’t vow to lose the weight, just to be more mindful. Though March 2020, I managed to stay steady; then COVID hit. I was asked to run the COVID Results Team, staffed by AMAZING RNs. The crew was (and still is) incredible. As weeks rolled into months, team members regularly noted significant weight gain and the pts we were calling were reporting strange complications from COVID-19, I figured it was really time for me to start exercising again. My back, hips, and knees hurt all the time. I didn’t sleep well and didn’t feel tip-top emotionally.

I pulled my trusty NordicTrack ski machine out from under the stairwell (pic below). Set it up . . . and didn’t last 5 minutes. The next day, I told one of the RNs. We both laughed then she said stick with it. I told myself – fine, by the time COVID-19 is over maybe I’ll be in slightly better shape. I committed to 5 out of 7 days even if it’s horrible. (Most days were slightly better than horrible but some were definitely horrible).  

Ten months on, I still aim for 5 out of 7 days. In early December, workouts finally transitioned into joy (most of the time). I’m very close to my goal weight; 99.9% of my pain has resolved, and I feel centered.

Three cheers for the beast and encouragement of great colleagues. 

Rocket and the Beast; Nov 27, 2020

Do YOU have a story to share?  Please send your wellness success stories to N Good Health by reaching out to Lacey Nelson at lacey.nelson@nortonhealthcare.org with the subject line “Success Story”. You never know who may hear your story and get inspired to make their health a priority!

** N Good Health reimburses Weight Watchers (WW) at a 75% subsidy & offers discounts on other health program options.   For more info, please Click Here to Submit a Self-Service Ticket.