N Good Health Success Story Spotlight:  Shari Williams

N Good Health Success Story Spotlight: Shari Williams

N Good Health is designed to help you improve or maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle. Over the past several years, employees from all over the organization have used the program to help make their health a priority. These individuals come from various backgrounds and stages in their wellness journeys, but the N Good Health team is always in awe of the dedication they show.  Recently, we received an email with an awesome story and we are so excited to share with you today.

Hi there! I wanted to share my N Good Health weight loss success story with you! I’m an RN in Utilization Review at Watterson Towers. When the quarantine started last May I was sent to work from home and have been here ever since. Since my daughters and I were all home together I decided I would have a lot of time and no excuses not to finally get healthy. I joined Weight Watchers (which I was reimbursed for by Norton) and started riding my bike 2.5 miles/day. I’ve lost 70 lbs since May 13, 2020 and I finally feel normal again! I can keep up with my children now and exercise is no longer a chore. The before picture attached was taken when I was walking in the Zoo as part of the Norton Walking Group there. The after picture was taken two weeks ago when I received the first dose of my COVID vaccine. So I feel like my health has now come full circle. I still have a few lbs left to lose but I have no doubt I can make it happen this time!

Do YOU have a story to share?  Please send your wellness success stories to N Good Health by reaching out to Lacey Nelson at lacey.nelson@nortonhealthcare.org with the subject line “Success Story”. You never know who may hear your story and get inspired to make their health a priority!

** N Good Health reimburses Weight Watchers (WW) at a 75% subsidy & offers discounts on other health program options.   For more info, please Click Here to Submit a Self-Service Ticket.