N Good Health Success Story Spotlight:  Barry Barmore

N Good Health Success Story Spotlight: Barry Barmore

** Note: On the picture in our April newsletter, Mr. Barmore is listed as “Robert Barmore”. We apologize for the error and want to make sure Mr. Barry Barmore receives the recognition he deserves for being diligent when it comes to completing his N Good Health visit. Without his dedication to completing his N Good Health four steps, the story you are about to read could have turned out much differently. Barry- you rock!

This picture was taken in January 2020 at the Molly Johnson Foundation Ball & Auction; approximately 8 weeks after surgery.

In August 2019 my husband went to a new internal medicine doctor whom I had found for him on the Norton Healthcare provider search. This was to be his N Good Health visit. She found him to be in A-Fib and referred him to a cardiology group at Audubon for additional tests and imaging. Not only was he in A-Fib but he had a bicuspid heart valve and a large ascending aortic aneurysm that needed surgical intervention to prevent it from rupturing. In November his cardiac surgery team at Audubon hospital performed open-heart surgery to repair the aneurysm. a Maze procedure to fix the A-Fib and inserted an aortic clip to prevent clotting. Thankfully, the bicuspid valve was working properly and didn’t need intervention. Now, a little over a year later he is doing great and even has a big scar that is good topic of conversation!  Thank you Norton Healthcare for a great outcome.

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