N Good Health Success Story Spotlight:  Lezlie Barth, R.N.

N Good Health Success Story Spotlight: Lezlie Barth, R.N.

N Good Health is designed to help you improve or maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle. Over the past several years, employees from all over the organization have used the program to help make their health a priority. These individuals come from various backgrounds and stages in their wellness journeys, but the N Good Health team is always in awe of the dedication they show.  Recently, we received an email with an awesome story and we are so excited to share with you today.

This email is from Lezlie Barth, R.N. To complete her Step 2: Annual Wellness Statement, Lezlie went for a mammogram visit and details the outcome below. We are thankful you stayed on top of your screenings, Lezlie!

In 2020 I said “yes” to the screening mammogram in my Get Well visit.  I was in shocked to hear that it picked up a very small lump deep in my breast.  I doubt I would have detected it without a Mammogram as it was so deep.  A biopsy in August  showed cancer (shocking me to the core as no one in my family had a history of it!).  I had a lumpectomy at the Norton Pavilion in October of 2020.  Happily my cancer was slow-growing , type 1, small, and caught VERY early thanks to my Mammogram!  I am urging all of the nurses that I work with to please, please, have your mammograms!!!!  Norton Healthcare has several sites to schedule one and everyone is extremely friendly and easy to work with!!!  The Cancer Institute has phenomenal people and the whole surreal experience was so smoothly navigated by their staff that all I had to focus on was me.  I could go on and on about my experience and how thankful I am for Norton Healthcare having all of this available for women! 

Do YOU have a story to share?  Please send your wellness success stories to N Good Health by reaching out to Lacey Nelson at lacey.nelson@nortonhealthcare.org with the subject line “Success Story”. You never know who may hear your story and get inspired to make their health a priority!