N Good Health Success Story Spotlight:  Velvet Yeager

N Good Health Success Story Spotlight: Velvet Yeager

N Good Health is designed to help you improve or maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle. Over the past several years, employees from all over the organization have used the program to help make their health a priority. These individuals come from various backgrounds and stages in their wellness journeys, but the N Good Health team is always in awe of the dedication they show.  Recently, we received an email with an awesome story and we are so excited to share with you today.

This email is from Velvet Yeager, Quality Outcomes Analyst. With the support of Rx For Better Health and the Omada program, Velvet has lost OVER 100 POUNDS, decreased her blood pressure medication, and she is off of ALL of her diabetes medication. From Velvet:

Prior to signing up with the Omada Health program, I was really wishing I had someone to walk along with me on my journey to better health.  My prior accountability partners never seemed to stay committed to that task.  I had declined the 1st invitation to try the program, but when the 2nd invitation arrived, I figured I had nothing to lose (except maybe some weight)!  I was excited about Omada right up to the day it was time to start.  Then I started to worry if I would be able to do it.  I decided that day I was going to give it my very best effort and see what happened. 

My wonderful Omada coach (Melinda) had reached out and encouraged us to log our meals and to be truthful.  She said if we ate a bag of Oreos, just document it.  I loved that honesty and support but I knew I was not going to eat a bag of Oreos because then she’d see it on my log.  Just knowing someone was really there with me made such a wonderful difference. 

Shortly before I started the Omada program on 11/10/2020, I had requested a couple medication changes.  That coupled with the program seemed to just work!  Two weeks later, I had lost 15 pounds and I could tell it in my clothes.  By Christmas, I was down 30 pounds.  This was actually working!  Every time I thanked Melinda for all her help, she would direct encouragement right back to me! Other great parts of my team include Maggie Mangino, Rx for Better Health.  Having regular meetings with her has been great.  My PCP, Dr. Snell, has also been so encouraging.  It has been awesome knowing I have a whole team of folks who really care about my health.  It makes it easier to keep going.  Some people have asked me what my secret is and I have to give praise to the Lord and the wonderful team that have helped change my health and life!   

Do YOU have a story to share?  Please send your wellness success stories to N Good Health by reaching out to Lacey Nelson at lacey.nelson@nortonhealthcare.org with the subject line “Success Story”. You never know who may hear your story and get inspired to make their health a priority!