Create a positive weight loss experience with WW

Create a positive weight loss experience with WW

WW is available to qualifying Norton Healthcare employees who want to lose weight and keep it off. The program has been designed with real people in mind, regardless of gender, age or weight loss goals. You’ll be given a plan that’s adapted to your lifestyle and specific needs, helping to create a positive weight loss experience. 

Join online or in person at community meetings
Everyone who completes the N Good Health 4 steps can participate and be reimbursed 75% of the 12-week program cost for the online or in-person program.

To receive the discount on the program, you must attend at least nine WW meetings during the 12-week enrollment and submit the completed tracking tool to N Good Health.

Online participants must record at least nine weekly weight logs during the 12-week enrollment. Submit the completed tracking tool and screenshots of your weight logs to N Good Health to receive the discount.

For more information about WW and N Good Health’s program reimbursement policy, submit an N Good Health help ticket or call (502) 629-2162.