Deadline approaching soon!

Deadline approaching soon!

The deadline to complete N Good Health’s 4 steps and earn wellness credits in 2019 is Sept. 15**. Here’s what you need to know about completing the steps.

Why should I complete the 4 steps?

In addition to earning $35 in wellness credits per paycheck (double if your spouse also participants in the wellness program), you could be saving your own life. Nearly 50 percent of Norton Healthcare employees have health conditions that could potentially be treated or reversed if caught early. Step 3 of the 4 steps — the N Good Health physical — helps you keep track of your health numbers and gets you in front of a physician to talk through a health plan.

How do I complete the 4 steps?

The 4 steps are easy to complete.

  1. Take the health risk assessment.
  2. Complete your annual wellness statement.
  3. Get your annual N Good Health physical.
  4. Earn 100 points.

Log on to to learn more about each step and to check your progress.

If it is unreasonably difficult or inadvisable due to a medical condition for you to complete the 4 steps to earn wellness credits, you may complete a medical exclusion form in order to qualify for them. Call N Good Health at (502) 629-2162 for the form and answers to any questions.

Is it too late to make an appointment with my primary care provider?

The Norton Healthcare Access Center can help if you do not have a primary care provider or cannot get an appointment with your primary care provider to complete step 3. Call (502) 629-1234, option 3, to schedule your N Good Health physical with a Norton Healthcare provider or log in to your MyNortonChart account to schedule your exam. You can also stop by any Walgreens location that features Norton Prompt Care.

Do you have more questions about completing the 4 steps? Submit an N Good Health Service Request or call (502) 629-2162.

**If you are a new hire with Norton Healthcare, you have your own individual deadline & that is within 180 days of your hire date.