Start 2020 off right!

Start 2020 off right!

N Good Health is proud to bring back Choose to Lose, our annual weight loss challenge. The 5 week challenge is a chance to set new health goals focused on weight management. Accountability and support are often necessary for weight loss success. The Challenge encourages co-workers to team up for better health results and to motivate each other throughout the five-week challenge.

How do I sign up and create and/or join a team?

To create or join a team, log in to and select the green “Sign Up” button in the challenges sections. Then choose “Create a team” or “Select a team.”

Can’t find enough people to create a team? Join the N Good Health Shredders team! This team is open to all eligible participants. We will add additional Shredders teams as each one reaches 10 members.

-The goal for each team is to lose an average of 4% total weight loss. One employee may lose 20 pounds while the other may lose 0 pounds, but the goal for the total team loss is 4%.

-When asked your starting weight, your official first weigh-in will be your starting weight. You can have 3-10 members on your team and weekly weigh on the same scale is recommended

Employee can weigh in from any scale, but is recommended to weigh-in on the same scale each week

How can I win prizes?

Weekly prize drawings: Five participants who log their weight during that week will be entered into a raffle and have a chance to randomly win $25.

Grand prize drawings:

Individual: Five participants who log their weight every week throughout the challenge will be will be entered into a weekly raffle and have a chance to randomly win $50.

Team challenge:

  • Three teams with an average total weight loss of four percent will be entered into a raffle and have a chance to win $250 to be shared among the team members. (Before and after photos may be required from winning teams)

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