Do you Self Care?  Self care tips: Part 3 of 3

Do you Self Care? Self care tips: Part 3 of 3

Does your schedule seem too busy to add one more task to it?  Self-care is extremely important for our minds, bodies and emotional well-being so ask yourself “how important am I?”  There are many ways to carve out a small chunk of time from your day for snippets of self-care but first you have to decide what your needs are.  Once you determine what your life is lacking (or has too much of), you can prioritize what can wait.  Self-care should not be put on that wait list as it can provide you with improved general health, increased job satisfaction, a willingness to relate to others and the ability to plan responses rather than react hastily.  This is the final piece of the 3 part self-care series with 15 more tips but they aren’t limited to these suggestions—create your own!  Challenge yourself to begin incorporating some (or even one) into your routine and make taking care of yourself a priority.

  • Practice radical self-love
  • Tell a stranger “have a GREAT day!”
  • Talk to someone you love
  • Write down negative thoughts and throw them away
  • Avoid multitasking
  • Try essential oil mixtures
  • Take a hot bath
  • Know your sense of purpose
  • Practice good posture
  • Close your email
  • Meditate
  • Foster friendships
  • Make a vision board
  • Leave work at work
  • Dance

 *source:  National Safe Place Network