Limiting screen time can be good for everyone

Limiting screen time can be good for everyone

With being quartined in our houses, there might an increase of screen time for everyone. It’s okay to watch TV or play video games, but there might need to be a daily time limit set in place. Here is where setting a daily routine is beneficial to everyone.

Have a list of activites that the family can do together or your kids can do on their own.

  • family game night
    • take turns picking out the game
  • 500-1,000 piece puzzle
  • play charades
  • walk the dog
  • explore a nearby park
  • take a family bike ride
  • turn on some music and dance
  • do chores that require some physical activity
    • Vacuuming
    • Putting toys away
    • Have them make their bed everyday
    • fold and put laundry away
    • load and unload dishwasher
    • wash and vacuum the car

Having a family calendar for the week with set times for TV and video games can keep everyone accountable. Try it out for a week and see how it goes. Maybe the following week needs some adjusting, add more activities that the family enjoyed doing together.

Scource: American Heart Association