Spring Cleaning Tip for  Cleaner, Happier Home

Spring Cleaning Tip for Cleaner, Happier Home

Springtime brings on spring cleaning. A task that most people dread. However if you have a plan and have extra hands to help, its not that bad. Here are some tips for making spring cleaning a success!

  1. Create a cleaning schedule
    • When you start cleaning each room, make sure you want to start top to bottom. Example: Dust/clean fans before you wipe/clean baseboards.
      • Don’t forget the ceiling fans and light fixtures
      • Windows inside and outside
  2. Cleaning supplies
    • Make sure you have all the supplies and tools needed for the tasks
  3. Supply Caddy
    • You want all your supplies in one spot, saving you multiple trips back and forth across your house.
  4. Turn up the music
    • Make cleaning fun, turn on your favorite tunes
  5. One room at a time
    • Thinking about cleaning the entire house in one day, might not be realistic and you will get burnt out. Set goals and feel accomplished.
  6. Make it a game
    • If you want your kids to help, making a game out if “cleaning” will get them engaged and willing to help. Who can clean the inside of the windows the fastest, or wipe the baseboards the fastest.
  7. Take a break
    • It’s important to take a break. Set goals for yourself and take a break before the next task.
  8. Hydrate and enjoy a snack
    • It’s very important that we stay hydrated and fueled while doing any activity. Keep your water handy and set those snack breaks in-between cleaning

Once you complete a big deep clean of your home, make a weekly schedule to go back over each area at least once a week. This will make it much easier when you decide to deep clean again. Remember you are not only doing something good for your health, but also for the overall health of your home.