​A Fairy Garden Can Bring out Anyone’s Imagination

​A Fairy Garden Can Bring out Anyone’s Imagination

Here is a fun activity you can do with your kids. Create a fairy garden using items around the house or yard.

  1. You will want to have a designated area for the project. Maybe in the front yard flower bed, back yard, planter box or flower pot? There really no right or wrong place.
  1. What type of garden do you want to have? Maybe a fairy garden isn’t your thing to do with boys? So try a miniature dinosaur garden, rain forest or an off road track with cars. The possibilities are endless all you need is a little imagination.

3. Gather supplies. Here is where you need to get real creative.

You can use clay pots, old Tupperware, plastic cups, etc to make the houses. Paint them, paint windows, glue on a door and add a roof.

Gather rocks, sticks, pinecones or anything else you can use to build a bridge, walkway, etc. Or use some of these items to put onto the house.

Buy a fairy, make one out of a small toy you already have. Or it can be a “pretend fairy” that only comes out at night. If you’re leaning towards a boy theme, gather your small dinosaurs, old toy cars, jungle toys, etc.

  1. Lastly put it all together and enjoy!