Feel Good Friday:  Using LEGOs to fight Coronavirus?

Feel Good Friday: Using LEGOs to fight Coronavirus?

LEGO has announced that it is taking on the challenge of providing protective equipment for medical workers as PPE remains in short supply around the world.  They are using its their manufacturing expertise to create clear plastic visors for medical workers in Denmark & are working around the clock to produce more than 13,000 visors a day. Representatives from Denmark’s healthcare system consulted with LEGO designers to create an effective visor, which has a wide, transparent shield and handles to go over ears.

LEGO is also giving away 500,000 building sets to children in need with their rainbow campaign. LEGO builders can:
1. Create a rainbow 🌈

2. Share it with #LetsBuildTogether

3. Tag 3 friends and nominate them to build and share rainbows!

The company says the rainbows are “symbols of hope,” which is certainly something we can all use right now.

LEGO also announced a $50 million donation toward relief efforts, including a contribution to the charity Education Cannot Wait, which “provides education for children in crises.” ​In addition, they ​partnered with the U.K. government to create a cute video encouraging kids to be superheroes by staying home during the pandemic.

​​Thank you, LEGO, for being a good example of how businesses can work with govern​ments and heathcare systems to serve the public during a public health crisis.