Spring Into Action Week Three

Spring Into Action Week Three

In the third week of the N Good Health Spring into Action steps challenge, 439 participants walked a total of 18,038,603 steps for 7,936 miles.

​Here are the top three teams:

1. NCH Care Steppers


3. Crafty Feet

Top five steppers:

1. Jerry Melton, Team: ReeseandBarney

2. Christina Miller, Team: NCH Care Steppers

3. Sandy Hepp, Team: PREOP STEPPERS

4. Lisa Mcroy, Team: Rad Walkers

5. Devin Martin, Team: WalkingOnWater

Need some more ideas in staying active during the challenge? Here are 2 ways to stay active at home:

1. March in place, once every hour for 5-10 minutes.

2. Clean out, vacuum and wash your car

Check out the Nsite > Health and Wellness tab for great motivation on ways to move more during the challenge and other great health and wellness tips.