MOSSA BLAST: A 30 Minute full body workout!

MOSSA BLAST: A 30 Minute full body workout!

This is a 30 minute cardio and strength routine that will target mainly your lower body with full body focus at times. By stepping up and down, and all around you will improve your cardiovascular strength, agility, and even your mood!

Give yourself plenty of room to move around your step. Take your pick on which intensity you’d like to try and get started!

If you do not have an aerobic step at home get creative and make yourself one. Some common substitutes are wooden boxes, stacked boards, cinder blocks, garden pavers, garden steps, step stools, or anything else you may have. Make sure the item is sturdy, strong, and placed on a non-slip surface. Also make sure you can get your whole foot on the step with some extra room to spare.

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Please feel free to reach out to Brittney, Y@Work Director Norton Hospital with any questions at 629-3760.