Emotional Support At Your Fingertips

Emotional Support At Your Fingertips

In times of high stress, it may feel unnatural to slow down during crisis mode; remember how important it is to take care of YOU & that you have options during this time.

Employee Emotional Support Team: Employees have access to an emotional support line through a multidisciplinary Employee Emotional Support Team. Employees can call 502-446-5610 weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to speak to a support team member, who can help employees process emotions and offer coping tools during this crisis.

EAP: You can see a counselor via computer or electronic device through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) TeleBehavioral Health service, administered by Wayne Corp. The program is completely confidential, call your EAP at (502) 451-8262. N Good Health also partners with Wayne Corp. to offer healthy action points for visits to support your well-being as part of Staying Balanced with EAP. You can earn 30 points per visit (up to 100 points) towards step 4 when you make an appointment with EAP. For more information, visit WayneCorp.com

Chaplain Support: You can reach the chaplain support line 24/7 by calling 502-629-8000.

Inspirational Texts: In partnership with Norton University, N Good Health and Pastoral Care, the Employee Emotional Support Team also launched a text program to bring inspirational and supportive messages straight to your phone. Text “inspire” to 502-237-1358 to start.

Maybe you’re coping just fine; if that’s the case, awesome! Keep in mind; that may not be the case for your peers. At this time, it is more important than ever to lift up our coworkers and send meaningful recognition their way. Resist the urge to complete one task and immediately move on to the next. Taking a 30-second pause to say “thank you” or “great work” can provide a huge boost to your strained co-workers. Taking the time to properly support one another empowers all of us to dig deeper and keep pushing further than we otherwise could have.

N-Recognition of You: We often can forget the words that were said, but remember the feelings that resulted. When you recognize someone for a job well done, solidify it in their memory by sending an N-card. Check out the N Recognition of You page on Nsite and find the right card to say thanks, congratulate or provide a much-needed boost. You never know when a simple “thank you” could make someone’s day.