Get in physical activity any time

Get in physical activity any time

Any movement you can do throughout the day counts! You might have to be more aware of the amount of time you are putting in and making a weekly goal can help you acheive this. Being active while at home can help you keep your home life in balance and creating routine can be good for the whole family. When the weather is nice get outside, fresh air and a little vitaman D is good for everyone. The family can go for a walk, plant some flowers, clean out the garage or even wash the cars.Can’t get outside? Here are some ideas from the American Heart Association:

Family chores. Have the whole family helpout in daily chores, vacuum, fold laundry, take out the trash, walk the dog, etc.

Dance sessions are always fun! Have everyone pick out a song to dance to and get moving.

Limit the screen time. Take a walk or play a game.

Find a workout video online. Have the family join in, have activites they can do too.

Pets need physical activity too. Throw a ball or stick for the dog to fetch. Lead the cat on a string chase around the house.

Keep exercise equipment out where it can easily be used for a quick workout.

Scource: American Heart Association