Getting Back On Track After a Health Hiatus

Getting Back On Track After a Health Hiatus

The last few months have taken a large toll on everyone is so many ways, including our health. Healthy lifestyle practices have taken a back seat to the day to day worry that has taken over our minds.

When we’ve gotten off track, how do we get back? Here are a few tips for just that!

  • Don’t put it off. Start today. Don’t start next Monday or next month. Start with your next meal! Choose to nourish your body with a healthy beverage choice or a veggie-based meal. Now is the time.
  • Go get a glass of water. One of the best things we can do for our health is increase our water intake and decrease sugar and artificially sweetened beverages. What are you waiting for? Go now.
  • Cut the alcohol. Alcohol is a triple threat as it is high in calories, increases your appetite and lowers inhibitions – meaning you’re less likely to stick to a healthy meal plan. Try cutting it out for a few weeks and then make sure you are having a few alcohol-free days each week. This can help you keep on track.  
  • Only eat between meals if you’re hungry. It’s easy to eat when you’re not hungry – due to stress, out of habit or because you’re bored. We can get into the habit of “grazing” or eating things set out in the breakroom just because they’re there. Try and make sure you are having three meals a day that are filling and before snacking, ask yourself, “Am I hungry?” This will help you avoid unnecessary intake and help you have more regulated hunger and satiety cues.
  • Have a healthy weekend. Weekends or days off zoom by, but they actually makes up about a third of our week so it can make a difference to our health. Rather than indulging in carry-out and sitting in front of the TV, choose to stay active by walking, gardening, cleaning or playing with kids or grandkids.
  • Plan your meals and workouts at the beginning of the week. Yes, it’s a chore, but it will set your intention as well as make it easier to make healthy choices even when you are busy. So, be sure to start your week off with a plan and a grocery trip.
  • Move, move and then move some more. Add more movement to your day by parking far away, taking the stairs, doing a yoga video, stretching at your desk, cleaning the bathroom, playing active games, walking with a friend or playing with your kids or grandkids. Sitting is the enemy of health. Are you sitting right now? Get up! It’s time!
  • Just start. As we start creating our “new normal,” things will quickly become busy again, and that means that despite our best intentions, healthy eating and being active will end up taking a back seat. Avoid this by not putting it off until “things settle.” Make it a vital part of your weekly plan now, so that it doesn’t get pushed aside.

Now is the time for a fresh start, a new you!

Erin Wiedmar, Clinical Nutritionist