N Good Health Success Story Spotlight:  Clinical Effectiveness Team

N Good Health Success Story Spotlight: Clinical Effectiveness Team

N Good Health is designed to help you improve or maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle. Over the past several years, employees from all over the organization have used the program to help make their health a priority. These individuals come from various backgrounds and stages in their wellness journeys, but the N Good Health team is always in awe of the dedication they show.  Recently, we received an email with an awesome story and we are so excited to share with you today.

This email is from Chandra Weathers, Director of Clinical Effectiveness:

I just wanted to share this in hopes that it may inspire other departments. The Clinical Effectiveness Department moved from Medical Towers South to the Fenley Office Suites in November 2020. When we were downtown our offices were in closer proximity and we ate lunch together in the break room (pre-COVID), so we saw each other all the time. However, when we moved we acquired more space and the offices are more spread out. Often you would hear people say, “I haven’t seen you in a while” or “I never see you since our offices aren’t next to each other anymore.” Long story short 🙂 – the last steps challenge inspired me to create a mid-day walking group. It was win-win because we were able to safely reconnect outside and get our steps in. I advertised it to the team, put a recurring meeting invite on everyone’s calendar (that expressed interest) and we walked everyday as long as the weather was good. We talked about work and it also allowed us to get to know the new team members better. We even changed up the route often to keep it interesting. As a result of the positive feedback, the Clinical Effectiveness team now has a CE Connection Walk on everyone’s calendar every Friday morning.

Do YOU have a story to share?  Please send your wellness success stories to N Good Health by reaching out to Lacey Nelson at lacey.nelson@nortonhealthcare.org with the subject line “Success Story”. You never know who may hear your story and get inspired to make their health a priority!