Stairwell workout!

Stairwell workout!

Use these games to have more fun during a stairwell workout at work! Some function as a solo game, others need a partner.

Alphabet game:

  • Start and stop as much as needed. May even take you the week! Go through the alphabet and say a word out loud that starts with each letter, one for every flight.
    • Example: flight 1 – apple, flight 2 – bear, and so on.
    • Can you remember everything you said?!

State game:

  • Start and stop as much as needed. May even take you the month! Go through and name each state, one per flight.
    • Example: flight 1 – Texas, flight 2 – Kentucky, and so on.
    • Hope you have a good memory!

Mix it up:

  • Don’t just walk up the stairs, try
    • Double stairs
    • Side steps
    • Quick feet
    • Step side to side to make a wider step
    • “step aerobics style” where you just walk up and back down or jump up and step back down on one stair 

Word game:

  • First person starts with a word. Example: Tomato.
  • Next person has to think of a word that starts with the last letter of the previous word. Example: Octopus. And so on.
  • You could event theme it. Examples: animals only!
  • Want to make it hard? Race. Can your partner get to the top of the flight before you can think of another word?!

Partner workout:

  • Person 1 goes up a set amount of flights and back down while person 2 is at the bottom doing one of the following while waiting. Hurry! Your partner is going to get tired!
    • Marching in place
    • Jumping jacks
    • Wall push-ups
    • Squats
    • Wall sits
    • Wall plank
  • Switch places!