Celebrate Earth Month through Plant-Based Eating

Celebrate Earth Month through Plant-Based Eating

Celebrate Earth Month by incorporating more plant-based options in to your daily eating plan!  There are many reasons to adopt a plant-based eating plan. However, there is not a need to cannonball into it (unless you want to)! The general advice is to slowly and steadily add more plant-based foods into your diet. Increase the amount of plant-based ingredients in your meals until you’ve crowded out the other stuff.

We don’t restrict, we replace!  Check out some food swap ideas below.

  • avocado instead of butter
  • tofu instead of chicken
  • black bean burgers instead of beef

Plan meals around vegetables, whole grains, fruits, beans, and legumes. This will give you the fiber, fuel and protein that your body needs.

Choose your fats wisely. Use liquid vegetable oils while cooking, like avocado or olive oil, and don’t forget that nuts, seeds, & avocados are sources of healthy fats.

Experiment with soy products like edamame, tofu, and tempeh.  Contrary to some media messages, soy has many health-protecting properties.  Incorporate it into dishes to provide great protein, calcium, & fiber!

 Flavor your food with salsa, hummus, mustards, hot sauce, vinegars, and fresh herbs & spices for maximum flavor!

Many times people assume that produce has to be fresh in order to be considered healthy. Great news- canned and frozen fruits and veggies can be part of a balanced diet! While fresh options are typically the least processed option of the three choices, canned and frozen produce may be more budget-friendly, accessible, and conducive to one’s lifestyle. Just be sure to choose canned and frozen produce that does not have added sodium, fat or sugar in it. This can be in the form of sauces, syrups, gravies, Jell-O, or “spices”.

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