National Picnic Month​

National Picnic Month​

people sitting on green grass field near green trees during daytime

National Picnic Month encourages you to get out and celebrate the warm summer days! A picnic can take place anywhere from your backyard to a local park.  Packing a perfect picnic doesn’t have to be overwhelming but there are a few key things to remember.

Food safety tips for picnics:

  • ​Use plenty of ice packs to keep food cold
    • Pro Tip: Fill water bottles about two-thirds full and put them in the freezer overnight. They’ll help to keep your food cold and as they they melt, you’ll have ice cold water to drink.
  • ​​​​For food safety reasons, none of your perishables should be out of the cooler for more than two hours. 
    • ​Ma​yo-heavy salads such as potato salad,​which can spoil more quickly in the sun. 

​​The best foods for picnics:

  • ​For sandwiches, choose a sturdy bread and assemble them strategically:
    • ​​Place softer and juicier ingredients like tomatoes and condiments, in between the other fixings to keep them from making the bread soggy.
  • For dessert, choose options that are pre-portioned and don’t require silverware to serve or eat.
    • ​Think cookies, hand pies, and bars.
  • The frozen water bottles won’t be ready to drink the first few hours so be sure to pack additional zero calorie drinks like unsweet tea or diet lemonade.
    • ​Consider packing a refillable cup with a lid for each person (or bring a plastic jug and individual cups).

Miscellaneous items to pack for a picnic:

  • 1-2 big blankets or sheets 
  • Paper or reusable plates
  • A roll of paper towels
  • Wet wipes, or damp washcloths sealed in a zip-top bag.
  • A small knife wrapped in cardboard for safety, and a small cutting board. Just in case!
  • Trash bags
  • Sunscreen and bug spray