H2Whoa Challenge

H2Whoa Challenge

Fewer headaches, more energy, better concentration, and more—whoa, water has all these benefits? Register for this four-week challenge to learn about the benefits of proper hydration and for tips and tricks to help you get there. Registration opens July 15th and challenge kicks off July 29th.

  • Whoa – water is pretty good for you
  • How to drink more water, more often
  • Buy better beverages and avoid empty sugar
  • Hydration + well-round wellbeing = a healthier you

How to Participate: Track your daily water intake in ounces on the wellbeing platform. 

How to Complete the Challenge:  Track at least 32 ounces of water for at least 20 of the 28 days. Click HERE to view the Challenge Guide.  Each week the challenge begins on Monday and ends on Sunday

Recording Details: The last day to record is August 28, 2024.

Weekly prize drawings: Five participants who record their water consumption of 32 oz. 5 out of 7 days each week will randomly win $25 in the N Good Health rewards mall.

GRAND PRIZE: Five participants who record their water consumption of 32 oz. 20 out of 28 days each week will randomly win chance to randomly win a new activity tracker.

Can I receive 2024 N Good Health program points? Yes. Track and record your water consumption for at least 20 out of the 28 days, you’ll be awarded with 28 points towards your 2024 N Good Health rewards.