My Y Fitness:  Full Body Tabata

My Y Fitness: Full Body Tabata

This is a 30 minute interval workout that targets all muscle groups in the body. You will get a mix of strength, cardio, kickboxing, and some core work during this quick workout for everyone. There are instructions for all fitness levels and abilities.

The idea behind this workout is to give you a quick boost of exercise with active recovery time after each bout.  Tabata intervals are broken into 8 rounds of 20 seconds on (exercising) with 10 seconds off (active recovery). Fitness pro tip: try to keep moving during your recovery time. It makes it easier to get back into the exercise.

Remember when you are working this is at your own pace. Push when you can and recover when you need to! Enjoy and bring your sweat towel.

Please feel free to reach out to Brittney, Y@Work Director Norton Hospital with any questions at 629-3760.