Not your typical Easter egg hunt

Not your typical Easter egg hunt

This will be the first year for most, not celebrating Easter with your family. Just because we are practicing social distancing, doesn’t mean we still can’t have fun with having an Easter egg hunt for our kids or even ourselves. There are so many fun activities you can do with Easter eggs: 

1. Hide Easter eggs for your kids (filled or not filled, probably more fun if there are surprises in them:)
2. Let the kids hide eggs for you (these don’t need to be filled.)
3. Race! See who can get the most!
4. Time it! Take turns timing everyone to see who is the fastest!
5. Play charades! In each egg write the name of an animal, when you open an egg you must act it out until you get to the next egg.
6. Weather permitting? Play inside 

Invite the grandparents over to watch from the driveway, sidewalk or road, I’m sure they would love to watch all the festivities! 

Need to burn a few extra calories?  Check out this Easter Egg Hunt Workout:
1. Hop like a bunny, to the next egg
2. Jump as far as you can, to get to the next egg
3. 10 Jumping Jacks, before you can pick up the next egg
4. Lunge to the next egg
5. Sprint or jog to the next egg
6. High Knees to the next egg 

Enjoy, laugh, take pictures and stay safe!