Do you have kids?  Running out of ideas?

Do you have kids? Running out of ideas?

Have you used up all your creative ideas on keeping the kids busy? ​Or is it getting easier? Maybe you are using a weekly calendar and you have all the daily activities planned out. Having a set schedule can help kids with routine, like giving them chores to accomplish each day.

In that schedule, plan daily walks with the family when the weather is nice. On those not so nice days, there are plenty of activities you can do inside. Having these ideas at your fingertips can be beneficial when the kids need something to do. Check out this list from the American Heart Association on 25 different activities the whole family can do. Print it and post on the refrigerator. You can take turns picking out the next activity or put 1-25 in a cup and draw one out at a time. Add some more ideas to the mix and have fun!