10-Year-Old Seeks to Empower Other Kids During COVID-19 Pandemic

10-Year-Old Seeks to Empower Other Kids During COVID-19 Pandemic

Like many kids who are stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, ten-year-old Sydney was beginning to feel hopeless. But, instead of letting the feeling overtake her, she and her mom took action. Sydney knew that she had information that would make a difference if she got it out to other kids her age. So, the pair set out to produce videos giving out valuable information.

From their living room they wrote, recorded, and animated Kids Coping with COVID-19 using Story Maker, an educational software that her mom, Melissa Dilling, uses in her classroom at Eisenhower Middle School in Everett, WA. After covering what kids can do for fun and how to arrange playdates, the series covered a unique way that school students can help the hospitals around them.

In the latest episode, Sydney empowers kids by suggesting that students e-mail their teachers or their schools to ask if there is any PPE (personal protective equipment) lying unused in science labs that the school can donate. Surplus PPE that a school might have in their science labs include gloves and goggles.

In Sydney’s words, “It never hurts to ask!”

They suggest using a website, donateppe.org, for donating the supplies.​ She hopes that when kids see her series on YouTube they feel like they can actually make a difference in their com​munity—and the world—by following safety guidelines and seeking to help where they can.
CLICK HERE for Sydney’s amazing video​

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