Daily Fitness Options from N Good Health Partners

Daily Fitness Options from N Good Health Partners

Great news!  Our two Y @ Work locations, local YMCAs and Norton Sports Performance are planning to open their doors on June 1st.  Planet Fitness has not yet announced their open date at this time. Please know that when gyms do open back up- that safety guidelines and restrictions will be in place and things will be different – but the good news is that you will be able to add some gym time back into your routine!

In the meantime, while fitness centers are still closed & many parks are closed – or at least have social distancing rules in place- let’s not allow these to be excuses to not exercise.  N Good Health is sharing daily workouts brought to you by partners like the YMCA of Greater Louisville, Planet Fitness and Norton Sports Health so you can stay active.  These workouts require no equipment or use items that you likely already have accessible like a chair, couch, towel, etc.  Each day offers a different type of workout like yoga, body weight boot camp, cardio, mixed martial arts and strength training that can be done in a small space at home or work.  Appropriate for all fitness levels with modifications offered in case needed.  Visit the N Good Health blog to scroll through the offerings. 

Here are some other ideas to incorporate more activity into your day:

  • Dance!  Put on your favorite tunes and have your own dance party at home
  • Walk your dog or volunteer at a shelter to give a dog in need a nice walk
  • Schedule a pre- or post-dinner walk around the neighborhood with family or a friend
  • After loading groceries into the car, walk the cart back into the store rather than leave it in the corral in the parking lot
  • Ride a bicycle to run an errand or just to enjoy the outdoors
  • Pick up a coffee/tea and rather than sit-n-sip, take your drink on a walk
  • Perform exercises, ride a stationary bike or be on a treadmill while watching tv or listening to a podcast
  • Spend time in nature – set your sights on new sites and aim to hike a trail you’ve never been on each week
  • Volunteer in active ways – participate in community clean ups, run errands for the elderly or help at the local food bank

Remember- the more active you are on a daily basis, the more your life and well-being will improve.  Live your best life by moving more.