Feel Good Friday:  The Office star surprises fans by MARRYING THEM via Zoom!

Feel Good Friday: The Office star surprises fans by MARRYING THEM via Zoom!

The cast of “The Office” created the virtual wedding one couple will never forget.

“Office” alum John Krasinski‘s latest guests on web series “Some Good News” included a Maryland couple, identified only as John and Susan, “whose wedding proposal was oddly familiar”: As avid fans of the long-running NBC comedy, John proposed to Susan at a gas station, just like Krasinski’s character Jim Halpert.

“And then he got down on one knee,” Susan remembered, “and he was like, ‘Just like Jim, I can’t wait any longer.'”

“C’mon now!” Krasinski said with his hands raised. “That’s the stuff, John. That’s the that sweet, sweet stuff… Congratulations, guys. You now have proved that that proposal works 100% of the time now.” 

Krasinski said he got ordained in order to marry the couple and brought their parents and best friends into the video chat. The actor then introduced Jenna Fischer, the woman who portrayed his onscreen love, Pam Beesly.

“Here’s all I’m gonna say: One day, your kids are going to assume that their parents are soulmates. And in your case, they will be right,” Fischer said, referencing a line her character once uttered. 

Zac Brown performed a song, in lieu of a walk down the aisle, and then Krasinski led the couple through their vows.

He had an ending worked up that would make the world’s best boss Michael Scott proud, too. Krasinski said he needed some of his “family” present for the party and brought in his former castmates of the sitcom.

In videos shot from their individual homes, the actors performed their original dance moves from the wedding episode, including Dwight accidentally kicking a bridesmaid in the face (played this time by Wilson’s wife) and Kevin wearing tissue boxes on his feet instead of dress shoes. 

“It is your wedding,” read a sign Kinsey held up, showing off another Easter egg for “Office” fans. 

Check out the video HERE!

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