Trouble sleeping?  Feeling worried or anxious?

Trouble sleeping? Feeling worried or anxious?

Stresses and strains of our daily life build up and can affect our nightly sleep patterns which can then take a toll on our mood, productivity and overall wellness.  Address this pattern with two digital therapeutic apps designed to help you sleep better and manage worry and anxiety to maintain better mental health and wellbeing. 

The “Sleepio” app provides you with tools to sleep better by adjusting your behavior and offering cognitive techniques to shift your mental gears toward a good night of rest.   76% of users are sleeping better after using Sleepio.  “Daylight” teaches and supports you to better manage your stress, worry and anxiety.  The two apps are designed to feel more like entertainment than medicine to help you rest and feel better. 

Everyone handles stress differently so use one of the apps or both.  Accessible free 24/7 for one year when you get started before July 31, 2020.  Click here to find your sleep score and begin resting better with Sleepio.  To begin using Daylight to ease your mind click here.  These Big Health offers can also be found through Norton Employee Discounts on NSite.