Enjoy this quick workspace workout!

Enjoy this quick workspace workout!

Feeling droopy?  Don’t grab that afternoon soda or sweet — take a break from your day and get your blood flowing for a natural energy boost.  This 5 minute workout requires no equipment and only a small space in your office. 

Calf raises x 20 – feet hip width apart, press evenly across the front of the foot then slowly lower down

Lunges x 10/leg – standing with feet hip width apart, step forward with one foot into an elongated stride.  Keeping torso upright, dip back knee towards the floor so front knee is close to parallel to the floor and push back to start

Standing hamstring curl x 15 – using a wall or chair for support, stand with knees in line with each other, bend knee and bring heel towards buttock.  Lower back down with control

Wall pushups x 15 — Stand in front of wall with arms extended in front of you and palms on wall.  Next, bend elbows and slowly bring chest towards the wall maintaining your feet on the ground and body in a straight line.  When nose is close to wall, push into the wall back to starting position.

Chair knee to arm reach x 15/side – sit close to the edge of a sturdy chair, brace your core and place your fingers behind your ears keeping your elbows back.  With control, raise a leg and extend the opposite arm towards the knee of the raised leg.  Gently lower the leg and bring arm back to starting position. 

Depending on the amount of time you have on your break to complete this, these moves can be repeated to fill the duration of your break time! You can also use online resources to get your blood pumping at home, in the group fitness room, or even in your office! 

Pinterest also has some amazing resources as well- try searching for at home workouts, printable workouts or if you have a type of workout in mind, like “HIIT workout”, “body weight workout”, the more specific you are with your search terms, the better. 🙂