Get steps and stay warm with our updated indoor walking paths!

Get steps and stay warm with our updated indoor walking paths!

Walking is one of the easiest, yet most beneficial forms of exercise. Walking for as little as 30 minutes a day can improve heart and lung fitness, support bone health, alleviate joint pain, fight stress and burn fat.

With so many great health benefits at stake, we want walking to be accessible to employees 365 days a year. That’s why our N Good Health team is excited to announce the completion of updates to three indoor walking paths conveniently located at Norton Healthcare facilities.

Do you need some quick steps to walk off stress? Are you looking to hit your daily step count goal on a cold, winter day? Or maybe you just want to take note of the distance you’ve traveled along your normal workday route. You’re in luck!

For any questions, please reach out to one of your facility Wellness Champions or Dannielle Hadaway of the N Good Health team at

Click below for the indoor walking paths at the following facilities:

Norton Women’s and Children’s Hospital Walking Path

Downtown Campus Walking Path

CPA Lab on Breckenridge Ln. Walking Path

Photo challenge

Explore the new indoor paths, or any of the eight path options across Norton Healthcare campuses, with some friends or on your own and take your photo in front of one of the signs. Submit the photo (along with the names of all employees pictured) to between Dec. 1 and Dec. 20 to be entered to win a Fitbit Versa. Double up on prize opportunities and use your photo challenge steps for Holiday Hop too!

Find your own path!

Whether walking through your neighborhood, a nearby park or along one of our facility walking paths, track your steps on to measure progress and help you reach goals. The N Good Health website also includes instructions for synching your fitness devices for even easier step tracking. ​