Who WON BIG in June???

Who WON BIG in June???

Anyone who completed their program activities by June 15th- regardless of being covered by Norton health insurance or not- was entered into two prize drawings. Three participants won free medical insurance, and 10 participants won 500 points to redeem in the rewards mall.

2023 Free Medical Insurance winners:

  • Ebony Mills, R.N., Norton Pavilion Hospital
  • Tina Hayden, environmental services associate, Norton Women’s and Children’s Hospital
  • Lori Love, receptionist, Norton Community Medical Associates – Clarksville

500 points to spend in the N Good Health Rewards Mall winners:

  • Anna Lairson, LPN, Norton Heart Specialists – Dixie
  • Bobby Arnold, R.N., Norton Cancer Institute
  • Venus Edelen, environmental services associate, Norton Children’s Hospital
  • Lori Kreutzer, R.N., Norton Children’s Medical Center
  • Victoria Delk, radiation therapist, Norton Women’s and Children’s Hospital
  • DeShonda Lockhart, clinical resource care manager, Norton Brownsboro Hospital
  • Joseph Horn, R.N., Norton Brownsboro Hospital
  • Melody Brown, medical technologist, CPA Lab
  • Betty Clark, MRI technologist, Norton Audubon Hospital
  • Kati Nalley, R.N., Norton Cancer Institute

Don’t Forget!

Remember to complete the two program activities and redeem your points in the rewards mall by September 15th – that is the yearly deadline for N Good Health.

Two program activities:

  • Well-being survey
  • N Good Health physical

Keep in mind that spouses covered on a Norton Healthcare medical plan are eligible to participate- but ALL EMPLOYEESregardless of insurance status- are eligible to participate and win as well.

Spouses can call (502) 629-2162 to obtain their spouse member number. Visit NGoodHealth.com ​and click on “Join Now” to get started.