N Good Health Programs Make a Life Changing Impact

N Good Health Programs Make a Life Changing Impact

James Valentine works in environmental services at Norton Women and Children. A couple of years ago he found himself in an unhealthy rut. He turned to food as a way for him to deal with depression. Fast food and soda made up a large percentage of his diet and he was not physically active. To add to this, he didn’t have any motivation to make improvements. As a result of his unhealthy lifestyle, his blood pressure was high, blood sugar was in the pre-diabetic range and he was 30+ pounds overweight.  He thought he would feel better if his unhealthy choices would lead to a cardiac event and end his life. 

Unexpectedly, James lost his daily ride to work. His only option was to walk 2 miles to NWCH . During these walks to work, he was experiencing shortness of breath, he repeatedly needed to take breaks.  This was exhausting and he became tired of being tired.  Around this same time, he was invited to a bible study group where he began a relationship with Jesus Christ and found fellowship with other people. He learned that his purpose and reason for living was Jesus Christ.

One day at work he heard about Omada, an N Good Health program that offered resources that would provide more energy, weight loss support and education on managing blood sugar.  Now that his reason to live was to grow his relationship with Jesus and to help others, he signed up for the program and was impressed with the coaches and the tools the program offered.  The communications from the program were helpful plus the mobile app and included blood pressure cuff offered tracking and the ability for the coaches to provide feedback.  With their guidance he reduced his sodium and sugar intake (bye bye soda!), began drinking more water and eating better. 

James said it was hard to break out of his routine but it paid off when he saw the results of his efforts at his last N Good Health physical.  He has surpassed his goal weight and improved his biometrics!   Next, he wants to start toning up with strength training and he feels terrific with plenty of energy!  He raves about the support of the Omada coaches but gives all the glory of his health to Jesus.

For more information about Omada for chronic condition care, please visit NGoodHealth.com.