Great news! You can still earn more rewards in 2024 by completing program activities by Dec. 13.

Great news! You can still earn more rewards in 2024 by completing program activities by Dec. 13.

Be sure to log into your N Good Health account to see your current level achieved and to be sure everything you’ve completed so far is entered into your account.
You now have until Dec. 13 to lock in your rewards for 2024. You must be covered on a Norton Healthcare medical plan in 2024 to receive the financial incentive. Spouses covered on a Norton Healthcare medical plan are eligible to participate and earn a financial incentive too. They must have a registered N Good Health account and earn program activity points in their account.

Ways to earn points if you haven’t already completed that program activity:

N Good Health physical (100 – 700 points)

The N Good Health physical is worth between 100-700 points depending on your outcome results.

  • If you see a Norton Healthcare provider you can schedule your N Good Health physical through MyNortonChart or call (502) 629-1234, option 3. When scheduling, tell them the appointment is for your N Good Health physical. 
  • Don’t have a Norton Healthcare provider – try a Norton Prompt Care location for your convenience. To see locations and to make an appointment click here or call (502) 446-5555
  • If you see a non-Norton healthcare provider please take the paper provider form to your appointment. You can email the completed form to:

Outcome improvement (150 points) 

Have you made a 10% improvement in one of your outcomes since having your N Good Health physical? If yes, congratulations!  Have your provider complete the appeal form so you can be rewarded.

  • Employee health can provide rechecks on blood pressure, weight, BMI and waist circumference. You must make an appointment by calling (502) 446-2683 and bring an appeal form with you.

Negative Tobacco Test (125 points) 

Tobacco testing is a screening for nicotine in the urine. If you self-report tobacco use, do not complete a tobacco test.

  • Click here to see tobacco testing locations and if an appointment is needed.

Welcome Video (25 points) Go to and click on program activities tab at the top

Well-being Survey (50 points) Go to and click on program activities tab at the top

Preventive Screenings (50 – 150 points)

Earn 50 points each year for each preventive cancer screening you are up to date on. Max. 150 points. Log into you N Good Health account, click on Program Activities to log your screening date and provider’s name.

  • Preventive cancer screenings include:
    • Up-to-date pap smear (women over 21, younger than 65) every 3 years.
    • Up-to-date mammogram (women over 40) every year
    • Up-to-date colorectal screening (men and women over 45, younger than 75) every 3 years for cologuard and every 10 year for colonoscopy.

Preventive Dental Exam (40-80 points) 

Earn 40 points for having a preventive dental screening or cleaning done every 6 months. Max of 80 points/year. Go to and click on program activities tab at the top to log your exam and providers name.

WW (Weight Watchers)(50 points) For more information on how to receive your points, click here.

 N Good Health Video Courses (10 points each, max 100 points) 

Learn more about various health and wellness topics by watching a video course. They can be found on by clicking on Challenges, Find a Challenge, Video Courses

Take 3 For Me (3 points each, max 27 points) 

N Good Health has you covered with “Take 3 for Me,” video series offering quick opportunities to pause and reflect on your emotional wellness. Scan the QR code below to access the “Take 3 for Me” videos. Points will be awarded the month following completion of the activity. 

Feeling overwhelmed, not sure where to start, or think this is too hard?

It’s our pleasure to support you on your wellness journey. Schedule a virtual 1 on 1 wellness consultation today or if you wish to speak to an N Good Health staff member directly, you may call N Good Health at (502) 629-2162. Remember, a minimum of 200 points can still give you an extra $15 a pay period in 2024, if covered on a Norton Healthcare medical plan.