Apply to be a Wellness Champion Today!

Apply to be a Wellness Champion Today!

You don’t have to be a runner, a weight lifter or even a perfect model of healthy eating to be a wellness champion at Norton Healthcare. Employees in all departments and from all backgrounds have enjoyed helping others find resources to guide them in their wellness journey. Maintenance, clinical, administrative, technology—it doesn’t matter what kind of work you do, you can be a part of the team.

If you enjoy motivating and connecting with others, you are invited to join the N Good Health wellness champion program. 

What is a wellness champion? 

A wellness champion is someone who motivates employees to participate in health and fitness challenges and the N Good Health wellness program. Champions also advocate healthy habits for our workforce and connect staff with important resources to help them in their wellness journeys.

 How do I apply?

Talk to your manager about becoming a wellness champion. Applications can be found on the N Good Health’s NSite page. You will need your manager’s approval before submitting the application to N Good Health for consideration. More information about the program can be found here.