Kicking off a week of walking with: National Walking Day is April 3rd

Kicking off a week of walking with: National Walking Day is April 3rd

Join N Good Health and commit to walking at least 30 minutes a day as part of National Walking Day. Whether you break your 30-minute commitment into several shorter walks, or complete it all at once, walking 30 minutes a day can improve your health.

When you make the National Walking Day pledge, you will join millions of people across the United States who are putting their health first and taking steps towards a healthier life.

To kick off the week of walking with the N Good Health team on Wednesday, April 3rd at the Get Healthy Walking Club at the Louisville Zoo at 8am. If you are not already a member, please complete the application. Invite others to join, the Get Healthy Walking Club is open to the community and allows you to walk in the zoo from 8am-9:30am, March 1st– October 31st.

N Good Health participants can get 10 program activity points a month for walking during the Get Healthy Walking Club hours. Don’t forget to bring your smart phone to scan the Get Healthy Walking Club QR code, upon entering the zoo.

Join your Wellness Champions and co-workers along with N Good Health team members for a group walk to celebrate our week of movement! Walks will be held at 11 am and 1 pm. Bring your smart phone to earn 10 Program Activity points by scanning the QR code. You will need to know your N Good Health login to receive the points. Everyone who joins a walk will get a sticker and get entered to win a Fitbit. One Fitbit will be given out at each location at the end of the 1pm walk.

  • Thursday, April 4th
    • Norton Clark Hospital – Meeting in the lobby
  • Friday, April 5th
    • Norton Kings Daughters Hospital
    • 11am – Main Hospital meet in lobby
    • 1pm – Downtown campus meet MOB lobby
  • Monday, April 8th
    • Norton Women’s & Children’s Hospital – Meeting location: Bistro
    • Norton Brownsboro Hospital – Meeting location: outside cafeteria
  • Tuesday, April 9th
    • Norton Audubon Hospital – Meeting location: outside gift shop
    • Norton Hospital and Norton Children’s Hospital – Meeting location: outside Norton Cafeteria

On Wednesday, April 10th we will conclude the week of walking at the Louisville Zoo with the Get Healthy Walking club at 8am.

Not located at a main campus or off the day we are there walking? Look for the National Walking Day banner on the Nsite and take the online pledge to commit to walking for 30 minutes during the week of walking. One employee that pledges on the Nsite will win a Fitbit.