Device-free Sunday

Device-free Sunday

As a society, we have become so addicted to social media that we waste incredible amounts of time that could be spent on things that truly matter.  Today, resolve that you will NOT get caught up in the scroll of your Facebook or Instagram feed, the constant texting & notifications, the video games & social media.  Today, challenge yourself & your family to take a break from your devices.  ​

Ideas for your fun-filled, device-free day:

– Take the dog for a walk around your neighborhood

– Bake cookies or a cake.  Better yet, have a family bake-off!

– Family movie day, complete with popcorn!

– If you have small children, create an obstacle course in your home or give them a ride around in a laundry basket (i.e. the picture shown)

– Create slime or cloud dough (you can use YouTube for this one)

– Go for a family bike ride

– Play in the backyard; you can play ball, jump on the trampoline if you have one, etc.

– Family game night! 

– Color in a coloring book together

–  Take a trip to a state park (just no playing on the playground for now!)

The opportunities are endless.  Challenge yourself to ditch the electronics today & create some new memories with the people most important to you.